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The faculty has a unique ability to combine high level shiurim, with the talent to relate to each talmid on his own level. This is a direct reflection of the vision and ideals of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt'l. Rabbi Scheinberg, who was a world renowned Gadol BiYisrael, was recognized for his lomdus, hasmada, and psak halacha. He spent countless hours servicing the public by offering his sagacious advice, listening, and giving brachos to any individual who came to his door. This exceptional ability to sympathize with every individual, no matter what the situation, is part of the legacy that Torah Ore continues, and is reflected in the attitude and approach of each and every rebbe in the Yeshiva.

The majority of the Torah Ore faculty have been students of Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, zt'l, at some point in their 'learning careers'. Now, they have 'returned home' to pass on his message and learning style to the next generation. Being a link in the chain of this mesorah is a unique experience, which is relished by the talmidim. The Yeshiva's faculty consists of some of the brightest, insightful and dynamic talmidei chachamim in chinuch today. From names that are world renowned, to some of the best kept secrets in chinuch, each talmid feels that he has his own personal rebbe here in the yeshiva. Whether discussing the day's learning, or seeking advice, a bochur knows that he always has someone to turn to. Here at YTO, a rebbe's job is 24 hours a day. The talmid/rebbe relationship that is forged in our yeshiva is one that lasts a lifetime.

Rabbi Simcha Scheinberg, shlit”a
Rosh HaYeshiva

Rabbi Altusky
Rabbi Mordechai Altusky
Segan Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Altusky
Rabbi Yisrael Altusky
Rosh Kollel Halacha

Rabbi Yehoshua Chaitovsky

Rabbi Kiel
Rabbi Avraham Kiel
Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Noach Orlowek

Rabbi Orbach
Rabbi Abba Orbach
Segan Mashgiach

Rabbi Esrig
Rabbi Avrohom Esrig
Ram Bikiyus

Rabbi Shraga Kallus
Ram Halacha

Rabbi Kaplan
Rabbi Michel Kaplan
Magid Shiur

Rabbi Minkus
Rabbi Yaacov Minkus
Magid Shiur

Rabbi Piontnica
Rabbi Zvi Piontnica
Magid Shiur

Rabbi Willig
Rabbi Moshe Willig
Ram Bikiyus

Rabbi Walden
Rabbi Aryeh Walden
Magid Shiur

Rabbi Shais Hefter

Rabbi Yitzchak Kessock
Executive Director

Rabbi Avraham Scheinberg
Menahel HaYeshiva

Rabbi Shalom Scheinberg
Menahel HaYeshiva