North or Central?
North or Central?
July 09, 2015
For many years, Geopoliticians have been embroiled in the heated argument if Mexico belongs to North or Central America. Irrelevant of the interesting arguments that line up on both sides of the border, we will head approximately 650 miles north-west from Guatemala, to a relatively small area in Mexico City by the name of Interlomas.

A cursory search of this area will reveal that it serves as a residential and commercial district. After a more careful search, the discerning eye will reveal another significant faction that lends to the diverse culture of the city's population. This small, but equally important group, is none other than Colegio Or HaJayim. Comprised of two buildings and 700 students, this vibrant educational institution is committed to educating the next generation of Mexican Jewry.

As in past summers, a group of Mexican bochurim moved into our yeshiva where they will spend a two week spiritual hiatus. With the Bais Medrash, dormitory, and food service facilities at their disposal, these boys are committed to experience Eretz Yisrael from within the walls of the Bais Medrash. The structured learning program and diverse shiurim at Yeshivas Torah Ore provide them with the opportunity to accomplish their ambitious goals. We welcome them to Yerushalayim and wish them a wonderful and fulfilling trip. Bienvenida!