Shavuos Round-Up
Shavuos Round-Up
May 28, 2015
Shavuos is a sweeping experience. After completing 49 days of preparation and introspection, it's difficult to arrive unprepared on the 6th of Sivan. Unlike a home atmosphere where logistical concerns need to be dealt with, yeshiva bochurim greet Yom Tov in a utopian state. There are no worries of shopping, preparing meals, or tending to children. The opportunity of pure, uninterrupted, limud Hatorah is available for every bochur to utilize. His meals are arranged, the bais medrash is comfortable and the spiritually charged energy is conducive for shteiging.

Starting from Yehuda Samet's beautiful Shavuos night ma'ariv, right up until Rav Moshe Willig's ne'elas haChag thoughts on the Chazon Ish, Shavuos in yeshiva was no less than a historical simulation of Matan Torah.

The gemorah in Nedarim (81a) recounts how Hashem Yisbarach explained that Eretz Yisrael was destroyed by Nevuchadnezzar and his army, because Klal Yisrael had forsaken His Torah. Rav Yehudah explains this to mean that people did not recite the blessing upon studying the Torah. Studying Torah without properly reciting a blessing displays an elementary lack of respect for the Torah itself. Failure to recite a blessing and recognize the importance of Torah warrants being taken to task.

On Shavuos, Hashem gave all of Klal Yisrael the Torah. Nevertheless, our personal share of Torah is acquired by what we study and integrate into our lives. Neglecting to properly honor and learn Torah not only diminishes our personal share in Torah, but proved to be destructive.

May the coveted words of Torah learning continue to flow from our mouths, throughout the year, as we increase our preferred shares of Toras Hashem.