Off and Running
Off and Running
May 02, 2015
This past Sunday throughout the world, tens of thousands of yeshiva bochurim and kollel yungeliet returned to their seats in their respective batei midrashim. The scene was no different in Yeshivas Torah Ore, where talmidim trickled in throughout the week filling up the building. With a relaxing and beautiful Pesach behind us, the next few months of Summer Z'man is the final push of the year to complete masechtos and reach goals in learning.

The Zohar is quoted as saying that we recite the tefillah of B'reich Shemai to beseech Hashem Yisbarach for mercy while the Aron Hakodesh is open. Reason being, the start of the Torah reading is an auspicious time for divine mercy. Rabbi Yosef Kahaneman, the Ponevezher Rav, once shared the following thought in the beginning of the z'man. When yeshiva bochurim return from bein hazmanim, enter into the batei midrashim and open their gemorahs to learn Toras Hashem, this also is considered an auspicious time for divine mercy.

In the authentic words of the B'reich Shemai, "יהא רעוא קדמך דתפתח ליבאי באורייתא ותשלים משאלין דליבאי ולבא דכל עמך ישראל לטב ולחיין ולשלם". May it be the will of Hashem, to provide us with a good life and be remembered together with the righteous. May we be loved and guarded with all of our possessions together with all of Klal Yisrael.

Best wishes to our entire readership and all of Klal Yisrael for a healthy and prosperous summer.