End of Zman - Purim Round-Up
End of Zman - Purim Round-Up
March 12, 2015
As the culmination of Zman approaches, the noise and action only increases. Last week began seeing bochurim valiantly collecting for TAT, raising over 32,000 NIS.

Although Yerushalayim's 'Friday Purim' would indicate a more subdued occasion, the reality on the ground was far from the case. The Purim shpiel was shown on the heels of megillah reading, followed by dancing in the dining room.

After the sun rose and the morning megillah reading concluded, individual groups of bochurim took advantage of the day and continued their incredible efforts to raise money for their respective tzedakahs. Hours later, the bochurim joined together with their Rabbeim to enjoy the Purim suedahs, both in an out of Yeshiva. Needless to say, this experience proved to be incredibly entertaining.

Shabbos was ushered in with a fantastic buzz, as bochurim continued taking their great effervescence into the holy day. After the Shabbos Seudah, the Orbach family generously hosted their annual post-Purim farbrang, which bochurim gravitated to from all parts of the city.

Monday arrived with no sign of the boisterous activity stopping, as our dear Rebbe and Maggid Shiur, Rav Michael Kaplan, shlit”a, maintained the intensity by making a Siyum HaShas. A regal seudah was attended by the entire yeshiva. This momentous occasion left the bochurim in awe at this incredible achievement. What ehrliche yid doesn't yearn for the day when he too will achieve this goal?

Tuesday followed with great anticipation in the air, as one of our own – Elimelech Meisner – got married. What a night to remember! The banquet hall was full to the brim with dancing, singing, and performing all the 'wedding gimmicks' to the uppermost degree.

Wednesday night shined with Rav Tzvi Piontnika's daughter's wedding. The word tired is not in a bochur's vocabulary - as bochurim continued on their jovial end of Zman, dancing the night away with great simcha and happiness for our beloved Rebbe.

The din of Adar is beginning to simmer down as bochurim began returning back to their native lands for Pesach. We wish everyone an invigorating Bein Hazmanim and look forward to welcoming everyone back for Summer Zman in Sorotskin utopia.